October 09, 2008

So shall media

Has anyone else noticed that most pipe band videos posted on YouTube are taken by drummers? Almost every one of them is taken from behind the drum section and, if they zoom in, it’s on individual drummers.

Still images, too: I’d estimate that 90 per cent of the pipe band photos that I’ve seen posted to Facebook and Flickr are of drummers taken by drummers.

I’m not at all saying it’s a bad thing, but I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to why this is.


  1. Because drummers are now considered the “top of the circle”? (see related “By the Left”)
    Because drums are the new black?
    Because drummers’ moms record and post contests and pipers’ moms don’t?

    I dunno.

  2. “Because drummer’s moms record and post contests….” Priceless, but I think its more their girlfriends, Joel…..What’s the old joke, “what do you call a drummer without a girlfriend……….homeless.”

  3. I have to think that maybe a lot of the reason is convenience. Unless you have been watching the same competition circle since early in the afternoon, about the only way to get a good shot of the band will likely be to “follow” them into the circle.

  4. I just figure drummers have have more time to hang out at the ganes seeing as they don’t have to tune or anything! 😉

    What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians?
    A drummer.

    BTW Steve, that was no Lady!

  5. I agree, aside from the worlds, the easiest way to get close to a band is to pretend you are a drummer and follow them in. As for the close ups? I’m sure it has do with research, and the relation to howler monkees.

  6. Hey, MacNeil, save it for the @#$@# field, OK?
    I think Stovepipe hurled in the back seat of Hoss’ Monte Carlo….and he’s licking off his fingers….and then I rode with Hoss in that car to Dutton with Stella strapped to the roof…or was it in Radford’s Olds with the nose digs all lined up on the dashboard? I forget now…

    I LOVE DRUMMERS! (especially that handsome Greg Dinsdale…)

  7. My dad once to a video of my band in Scotland………did he get a good shot of his own son playing the pipes? NEGATIVE, but man our bass drummer looks good.

  8. 1. Because you can see the drummers’ facial expressions and there is no blowpipe or constant straining of the face.
    2. Because the sticks are a lot easier to see than the finger movements, especially on low quality video as found on YouTube, so you can more readily detect mistakes.
    3. Tenor drummers.
    4. There is usually a gap in the circle at either end of the snare line that allows for filming and this is not the case in most pipe corps.
    5. The drum corps has fewer people so it is easier to film.
    6. Sound quality does not suffer as much for drumming in compressed video so drummers are more likely to share their videos than pipers.

  9. Could it be that drummers just love to watch themselves and the whole reason they play in a band is to make a secne??? Some one should make up a new rudiment called a ‘narcissist’.



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