April 02, 2007

You need coolin; baby, I`m not foolin

Our annual April Fool story is always fun, and it’s amazing how many people actually take the bait every year. (Click here if you missed it, but you’ll need a subscription, which I’m sure you have already.) Humour has always been an important and differentiating aspect of the publication. Pipers and drummers are a funny lot, and it’s strange to me that so many other publications are completely devoid of anything remotely (intentionally) comical.

Speaking of funny, April 1 was also the start of the 2007 Major League Baseball season, with the Cardinals rematching the Mets in a reprise of their classic Playoff series of last year. The Mets won, 6-1, but there are many more games to go. Too bad for Mets fans that their team couldn’t have done that in October! Mwaaa-haw-haw-haw!

Seriously, Tom Boswell waxed on about time beginning on Opening Day. The piping and drumming world enjoys the dormant months as much as the sporting world and, when the proverbial bell rings, there’s an air of excitement and hope for all competitors that the new year will bring great things.

May your season include many triumphs.




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