April 30, 2010

2011 Las Vegas event outlines three days of pipe band competitions

The big pipe band competition in Las Vegas with multi-million-dollar funding scheduled for 2011 has outlined three days of contests from Friday, April 15th, to Sunday, April 17th, and, according to sources may include top grade events  with an expanded panel of judges.

The “Las Vegas International Festival” started its “official countdown” to the 2011 event with a parade down the Las Vegas strip by the Grade 1 Simon Fraser University and Los Angeles Scots bands on April 17, 2010. Competition organizers indicated that they expect “more than 90 world-renowned pipe bands to travel to the 2011 event.

Details of how the competitions will be structured reportedly are still in the planning stages, but its advisory committee is apparently leaning towards inclusion of a lengthier medley or “concert” event for top-level bands, in addition to more familiar contests.

A panel of as many as 10 adjudicators is also being discussed, according to reports, taking on an approach practiced by the performance-based bagad competitions held in Brittany.

Which bands will be invited or the system for determining invitations has not been determined, although organizers have said that the top-grade bands may only be North American-based.

The Las Vegas competition is being organized ostensibly by the Western United States Pipe Band Association, but with input from other North America-based pipe band associations, with a US$2-million backing from Las Vegas Events Corporation. Republican Nevada State Senator Dennis Nolan, a piper,  is the executive director of the festival.

The event also outlines a military tattoo, several pub crawls and kilted golf tournament.




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