January 31, 2011

2011 Winter Storm deluged with entries, largest event yet on tap for weekend

The annual Winter Storm Weekend in Kansas City, Missouri, this weekend is set to celebrate its 10th year in style by attracting a record number of students and competitors for the three days of competition, concerts and festivities.

According to organizers, more than 300 students have registered for workshops, requiring the event to expand into a “campus” of four separate buildings, each within a block of one another. The Saturday concert by instructors and prize-winners is expected to be a sold-out audience of almost 1,000 customers, each paying as much as US$35 for a ticket.

After a decade, the nonprofit Midwest Highland Arts Fund, a registered charity, has developed Winter Storm into one of North America’s largest events for piping and drumming, possibly the world’s biggest in terms of registered students.

In the competitions, more than 30 have entered the professional solo piping events, and a total of 43 almost 15 solo snare drummers are scheduled to compete. Throughout the weekend, the competitions are adjudicated by guest instructors, who also perform in the concert.

Instructors / performers this year include Chris Apps, Mike Cole, Mike Cusack, Alastair Dunn, Drew Duthart, John Fisher, Alasdair Gillies, Jack Lee, Angus MacColl, Roddy MacLeod, Reid Maxwell and Willie McCallum.


  1. Looks like workshops have been retooled a bit too to cater to a wider range of interests within highland pipes with additional band-centric content. Savvy move by the organizers. It’s looking to significantly increase the value of the event for those of us who ultimately wuss out on hitting the solo boards. By 2020, who knows. Might not be Vegas, but what KC lacks in entertainment, they more than make up for with BBQ.



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