June 30, 2001

78th Frasers Win First Ontario Championship

Fort Erie – June 16, 2001 – Ian K. MacDonald of Whitby, Ontario, won the Piper of the Day award for most overall points in the Professional solo piping competitions at the Fort Erie Highland Games, held on the tip of Lake Erie across from Buffalo, New York.

The Grade 1 band event was tightly contested, with four bands taking part. The 78th Fraser Highlanders and the Toronto Police turned in high quality performances, finishing first and second, respectively.

The Grade 2 contest was described by one judge as one of the best standards in recent memory, with the Windsor Police playing particularly well.

Weather was poor in the morning with intermittent showers, but the rain held off for the afternoon.

Grade 1 (medley)
1st 78th Fraser Highlanders
2nd Toronto Police
3rd City of Washington
4th Celtic Flair
Judges: E. Neigh, R Rollo (piping); R. Worrall (ensemble); D. Duthart (drumming)

Grade 2 (MSR)
1st Windsor Police
2nd Niagara Police
3rd North Coast
4th Oran Mor
Judges: J. McGillivray, D. Ross (piping); R. Mackay (ensemble); G. Dinsdale (drumming)

Grade 3
1st Toronto Police
2nd MacDonald Caledonia
3rd Cyril Scott
4th Hamilton Police
Judges: as for Grade 1

Grade 4
1st Bowmanville Legion
2nd 8th Wing
3rd Lakeridge
4th St. Thomas
Judges: as for Grade 2

Professional Solo Piping
1st Andrew Berthoff, Toronto, “Lament for Mary MacLeod”
2nd Michael Grey, Dundas, Ont., “MacKay’s Banner”
3rd Robert Crabtree, Toronto
4th Ian MacDonald, “The Vaunting”
5th Peter Aumonier, Oakville, Ont., “Lord Lovat’s Lament”
Judge: R. Worrall

1st Michael Grey
2nd Ian MacDonald
3rd Robert Crabtree
4th James MacHattie, Toronto
5th Andrew Berthoff
Judge: J. McGillivray

Strathspey & Reel
1st Ian MacDonald
2nd Michael Grey
3rd James MacHattie
4th Adrian Melvin, Pennsylvania
5th Robert Crabtree
Judge: J. Walsh

1st Chris Hamilton
2nd Ian MacDonald
3rd Adrian Melvin
4th Peter Aumonier
5th Hector MacDonald, Unionville, Ont.
Judge: G. Brown


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