July 31, 2010

78th Frasers top Toronto Police at Cambridge

Cambridge, Ontario – July 17, 2010 – A warm, muggy and mostly sunny day was to the benefit of the Cambridge Highland Games, which was well attended by both competitors and spectators. The 78th Fraser Highlanders won the two-band Grade 1 event with straight first placings. The Great Lakes Pipe Band of Cleveland, Ohio, took the Grade 3 contest also with all firsts from the judges.


Grade 1 (medley, two competed)
1st 78th Fraser Highlanders (1,1,1,1)
2nd Toronto Police (2,2,2,2)

Drumming: 78th Frasers; Best Bass: 78th Frasers
Judges: Peter Sinclair, Tom Anderson (piping); Craig Stewart (drumming); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble)

Grade 2 (medley, one played ­)

Grade 3 (MSR, eight competed)
1st Great Lakes
2nd 400 Squadron
3rd Windsor Police

Drumming: Great Lakes; Best Bass: Great Lakes
Judges: Peter Sinclair, Gail Brown (piping); Harvey Dawson (drumming); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble)

Grade 4 (medley, seven competed)
1st Brighton Legion (1,1,1,1)
2nd Penetangore (Gr4)
3rd Niagara Regional Police
Drumming: Brighton Legion; Best Bass: Niagara PoliceJudges: Peter Sinclair, Gail Brown (piping); Craig Stewart (drumming); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble)

Grade 5 (march medley, seven competed)
1st Dundas
2nd Paris/Port Dover (Gr5)
3rd Grand Celtic (Gr5)
Drumming: Dundas; Best Bass: DundasJudges: Peter Sinclair, Gail Brown (piping); Craig Stewart (drumming); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble)

Professional Solo Piping
1st Ian K. MacDonald, “The End of the Great Bridge”
2nd Doug MacRae, “MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart”
3rd Elizabeth Sheridan, “Lachlan MacNeill Campbell of Kintarbert’s Fancy”
Judge: Andrew Berthoff

1st Michael Grey
2nd Ian K. MacDonald
3rd Doug MacRae
Judge: Andrew Berthoff

Strathspey & Reel
1st Ian K. MacDonald
2nd Michael Grey
3rd Elizabeth Sheridan
Judge: Tom Anderson

1st Ian K. MacDonald
2nd Hector MacDonald
3rd Michael Grey
Judge: Gail Brown




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