March 31, 2004

87th Cleveland dissolves after apparent power struggle

After an apparent weekend power struggle, the Grade 2 87th Cleveland Pipe Band of Ohio has dissolved, with nine members of the pipe section joining the cross-town Grade 2 North Coast Pipe Band and the majority of drummers hooking up with the Grade 2 Windsor Police Pipe Band.

According to sources, Clark Abercrombie, 87th Cleveland pipe-major, and Michael Crawley, lead-drummer, came to loggerheads over the band’s leadership, resulting in Abercrombie’s resignation and the departure of the majority of the pipe section.

Left with only three pipers and a drum section, Crawley and his section have reportedly applied to join the Windsor Police Pipe Band.

“The 87th had a successful season last year, and we wish nothing but the best of luck for all those who have left to pursue other pipe bands,” Crawley said.

The 87th Cleveland had been a rising force on the United States piping scene, reaching Grade 2 after the 2002 season. The organization still carries Grade 4 and Grade 5 bands, and these are not thought to be affected by the Grade 2 band’s dissolution.


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