February 28, 2010

Agnew-Harrison Drumming adds bass and tenor events

The Agnew-Harrison Memorial Solo Drumming Championship is now another example of the ever expanding popularity of bass- and tenor-drumming, as the contest this year will add mid-section solo events to its full day of contests.

The competition, scheduled for March 13th at the James Street Armoury in Hamilton, Ontario, begins at 1 pm, and, in addition to new bass and tenor events, has added Grade 3 and Grade 4 amateur snare drumming competitions.

The Niagara-Hamilton ranch of the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario has run the event since the 1990s, which pays tribute to both George Harrison and Jimmy Agnew, both major contributors to pipe band drumming in the Hamilton area.

Jim Sim will judge the snare drumming events, while Emily McLeod and Johnny Rowe will handle tenor drumming and bass drumming, respectively.

Graham Brown of Milton, Ontario, won the Professional Snare Drumming event at the 2009 Agnew-Harrison.

Order of play – Professional events (starting at 7 pm)


1. Jeremy Keddy

2. Dave Fenton

3. Mitch Mackay

4. Ian Maderios

5. Sandy McKail

6. Graham Brown

7. Aaron Carter

8. Joe Kiah

9. Sean Lawry


1. Andrew Elliott

2. Mike Daine

3. Christina Hanks

4. Kyle Gorman

5. Arnaud Jeanlouis

6. Neil Whitelaw


1. Kyle Heaney

2. Lina Bruni

3. Matt Bellia

4. Catherine Hanks

5. Jeremy Evans




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