December 31, 2005

Airtight Seasoning rescued by Piping Themes

The legendary Airtight Seasoning for pipe bags made from natural skins and hides is still a product after being rescued from the ashes of the R.G. Hardie bankruptcy.

Piping Themes, a division of Gaelic Themes, the well know Highland dress manufacturer, will produce the mysterious goopy mixture and ship it in the iconic red-tartan tin beginning December 19.

The company states that Airtight will be made to “the exact recipe and made by the original staff of Hardies.” Gaelic Themes has employed personnel who were responsible for the seasoning at R.G. Hardie, including Duncan Campbell, who had been with the previous company for more than 43 years.

Airtight Seasoning was originally a product created by Robertson Bagpipe Makers of Glasgow. It was acquired by R.G. Hardie in the 1950s and virtually cornered the world seasoning market. The recipe for the product is a mystery, but the primary ingredient is lanolin.

With the popularity of synthetic pipe bags over the last 20 years, the market for seasoning has become much smaller.


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