March 31, 2008

Australia Highlanders capture Victorian Championship

Queens Park, Geelong, Australia – March 16, 2008 – The Australia Highlanders won the Victorian Championships in scalding 40-degree heat with winds creating even more challenging conditions. It was the seventh consecutive title for the band, which was formerly known as Nunawading. Only two bands competed, both planning to compete at the 2008 World Pipe Band Championships in August. In the Juvenile contest, Haileybury College won the competition for the 25th consecutive year. Grade 1 Overall 1st Australia Highlanders (8 points) 2nd Band Club Sydney (10 points) In the Medley event the judges’ rankings went: Nat Russell (piping) 1st Band Club Ross Bates (piping) 1st Australia Highlanders Yvonne Coustley (drumming) 1st Australia Highlanders Results of the MSR: John Wilson (piping) 1st Australia Highlanders Brian Niven (piping) 1st Australia Highlanders Bill Russell (drumming) 1st Band Club Grade 2 1st Clayton RSL 2nd Canberra Burns Club (NSW) 3rd Melbourne Grade 3 1st University of Ballarat 2nd Warrnambool 3rd Hawthorn Grade 4 1st Watsonia RSL 2nd Haileybury College Juvenile 1st Haileybury College 2nd Scotch College 3rd PLC Ladies College


  1. These bands will have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to beat NZ Police or even Manawatu in the qualifyer.” Craig your comment implies that Both Manawatu and Australia Highlanders would struggle to qualify at the Worlds

  2. Congratulations to the Australian Highlanders and the Band Club. It’s a shame the AHers weren’t in Auckland a couple of weeks ago for the NZ Nationals. It would have made a fantastic contest even better. The AH’s would have been up against the six NZ grade 1 bands plus the Band Club. This would have been the best possible build up to the Worlds in this hemisphere. For the record I don’t post anonymously and am therefore not NZpiper.



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