February 28, 2007

Bagad Brieg wins Breton National Championships

Bagad Brieg of Brittany in performance.
Brest, Brittany – February 11, 2007 – Bagad Brieg was crowned Breton National Champions at the annual contest held for the top pipes, drums and bombard bands – or “bagads” – in the world. Cap Caval, a band that has done well in Grade 2 at the World Pipe Band Championships, finished a close second.

1st Brieg
2nd Cap Caval
3rd Quimper
4th Pontivy
5th Saint Malo

Full results here.

A total of 12 adjudicators judged the contest.


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  1. if they can run a championship in France with 12 judges, perhaps the RSPBA should take the same approach for the worlds. It would definitely play a big part in huge judging differences, as 1 in 12 would not make such a huge impact as 1 in 4. just my 0.02$

  2. These are not the final results for the year. Breton championships are held in two legs, this February one in Brest, and later on in August in Lorient (the final winner is the one with the least points aggregated from both events). This time, Brieg was (surprisingly?) better in technique with no question, while Cap Caval was best at ensemble and ‘terroir’ (tradition and rendition). 12 judges, all sitting behind a table.

  3. The piper on the right side is Charles Noin (Bleary & District, and All-Ireland Piobaireachd Champion 2006). On the left side is Ronan Latry. Not sure when the picture was actually taken.



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