April 30, 2003

Barrie Folds 2003 Games

The Barrie Highland Games, held for over 15 years in Ontario, have decided not to move forward with their 2003 event, reportedly citing financial challenges as the reason.

The games had been scheduled for June 28 and were to be, as in years past, a designated Champion Supreme event on the Pipers & Pipe Band Association of Ontario (PPBSO) circuit.

Rather than reduce the size and scope of the event, games organizers chose to pull the plug on the competition altogether.

“Due to the financial position of [the Barrie Games’] entire operation, they could not afford to host the games this year, in spite of statements made to me by their office,” said Bob Allen, PPBSO president. “[They] went on to say that they did not view this decision as a complete withdrawal from the games scene, but merely a sabbatical, for this year, at least. I suggested that perhaps they might consider downsizing, but still hold the Games, but she did not see this as an alternative.”

Allen also commented that “this decision, at this late date, creates tremendous difficulty for the PPBSO, as the Master Entry form had been mailed, Games information posted to our Web site and elsewhere and we were already receiving solo and band entries.”

The Barrie Games reportedly has not been profitable for several years. The event has been criticized by some competitors for its relatively poor venue – a wide open field prone to dust and wind with little usable shade for bands.


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