August 31, 2011

Bass drummer fulfills a dream after band wins at World’s

Alistair “Aggy” Glendinning was a primary reason why the Scottish Borders Pipe Band was formed from a merger of the Hawick and Stow bands: he said that he would die a happy man if the band could win at the World’s. Just three day after Aggy took the stage at the Glasgow Green to accept the first-place trophy for Grade 4A, he passed away after a long battle with cancer.

“He was one of the main reasons we put the two bands together,” said Pipe-Major Stuart Robinson. “We sent Aggy up to collect the trophy, and he was quite a happy chap.”

The bass drummer who was known as the life of every party sadly suffered a relapse after the long day of competition and fun. He was taken to Borders General Hospital and the father of two from Hawick, Scotland, died at age 50 on Tuesday night.

Scottish Borders not only won Grade 4A, but the band also won the drumming prize. Aggy had been with the Hawick band for more than 20 years and played a significant role in the drum section.


Aggy Glendinning showed his thrill at winning at the World’s in great form that afternoon at Glasgow Green and on into the night as the band made its way back southeast to Hawick.

On behalf of the piping and drumming world, we extend our sympathies to Aggy Glendinning’s survivors and many friends.


  1. A picture says 1000 words, the delight in that mans face can be some comfort to his family. Reading that, I am near in tears…so glad they put in that winning performance. so happy for him, the family and the band family. Rest easy…



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