May 14, 2013

Boghall’s Fiona Morris determined to win

anything I have ever seen before. Pipe Band music is her gift and competing is what Fee enjoys most.”

Fiona attends physiotherapy to build up her leg-strength, and has scans every three months to check for recurrence. She said that bone cancer has had no new treatments or a change in survival rates for 25 years, with 50 percent of patients – most of whom are younger than 30 – will live over five years from diagnosis.  

“The Bone Cancer Research Trust is a charity close to my heart,” she added. “They offer advice, support and fight endlessly to promote awareness of bone cancer. They have recently supported new research into treatment of bone cancer with the hope of finding a cure. However, bone cancer is so rare they don’t get much funding. The pipe band community have been extremely generous and in two weeks we raised over £3000. I am really looking forward to living out my dream playing with the band again this season, something which seemed so uncertain just a matter of months ago.”

In a show of solidarity and support, Boghall & Bathgate is displaying the Bone Cancer Research Trust logo on their new custom-made Andante drums. And with the season about to open in Scotland, Fiona will even give a special wrist-band to those who donate a pound or more to her in-person.  

Knowing the generosity of the pipe band community, she had better pack a lot of wrist-bands in her sporran.


  1. I am so pleased [to see] a story on Fiona. I know her personally. We first met in an online bagpipe chatroom and hit it off right away. After a couple of years of e-mail, MSN Chat and Skype we met in person at Winter Storm. We remained friends and was in attendance at her and Peter’s wedding in 2009. When I got the news of Fiona’s diagnosis I was very saddened, but I cannot be sad. She is such a fighter, such an inspiration to those she touches. This article somewhat downplays what she has really been through and she left out the part that she is about to graduate with her nursing degree from Dundee University….all this while going through surgeries, chemo treatments and unbearable pain. She is fighting the same cancer as Terry Fox had. I cannot wait to see her and Peter when the band comes to Cobourg in June. Please everyone, if you can, donate to her cause. They take Canadian and US dollars. Cheers, Michele Curtis

  2. Keep up the good work Fiona. How about a link to the facebook page or a paypal account to donate funds to for the pipe band community abroad who are touched by your story?



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