February 29, 2008

Bratach De Paor won by A. Dunn

Limerick, Ireland – February 2, 2008 – Alastair Dunn of Glasgow was the overall winner and recipient of the Bratach De Paor at the 11th annual Irish Piobaireachd Society Championships. Dunn won the Former Winners Piobaireachd and was second in the Former Winners MSR to gain the title. A total of 23 pipers competed across all events.

Former Winners Piobaireachd
1st Alastair Dunn, “MacNab’s Salute”
2nd Gareth Gardner
3rd Andrew Carlisle, Northern Ireland
4th David Stone
5th Margaret Dunn, Glasgow

Former Winners MSR
1st Andrew Carlisle
2nd Alastair Dunn
3rd Margaret Dunn
4th John Leamy
5th David Stone

1st Andrea Cooney
2nd Caitlin Houlihan
3rd Emmen Conway
4th Jamie Walker
5th Sean Maher

1st Philip Doran
2nd Gerh Neville
3rd Collette O’Connor

Younger than 18
1st Sean Maher
2nd Emmet Conway
3rd Andrea Cooney
4th Graham Harris
5th Jamie Walker

Beginners Piobaireachd
1st Elaine Stone

All events were judged by Andrew Wright.




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