September 30, 2007

Browns take over Peel Police

Glenn and Graham Brown have officially become Pipe-Major and Leading-Drummer, respectively, of the Grade 1 Peel Regional Police Pipe Band of Brampton, Ontario, replacing John Elliott and Craig Stewart. According to sources, eight new snare drummers are also joining the band, including Blair Brown, another brother. Stewart has departed along with the snare drummers who had played with Peel in 2007.

The Browns have all played with the House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band of Shotts, Scotland, for the past six years.

Elliott will stay with the band “as long as the mitts allow,” adding that “the potential here is astronomical and I definitely want to be part of it.” He resumed the pipe-majorship in 2000, replacing Michael Grey who had led the band for four seasons. When Grey took on the band it was also from Elliott, whose tenure with Peel expands to the 1990s when the band merged with the former Grade 1 Toronto & District Pipe Band, which Elliott also led for more than a decade.

“For me this year has been without a doubt the most fun and best group of people I have ever had the privilege of working with,” Elliott said, “but it is time for a new voice and younger blood to keep moving the band forward for years to come. I also want to thank Craig [Stewart] for all the time and effort he has put in over the years to making the drum section as good as it possibly could be.”

Stewart returned to the Leading-Drummer spot when Doug Stronach left the band to join the Grade 1 Toronto Police, whose drum section he continues to lead.

All three Brown brothers have had very good success in solo competition at the highest levels.

In a message to band-members, Elliott also thanked Pipe-Sergeant Lynda Mackay and various band managers and police force liaisons over the years. The band’s sponsorship is known to be one of the most lucrative among the world’s Grade 1 bands.

“My brother Glenn and I are very excited about the challenge that is now before us,” Graham Brown commented. “Having played with Shotts for the past six years, we feel we now understand what is needed to run a successful first grade band, and are ready to begin the next chapter in our pipe band careers. We hope to bring to Peel a youthful energy, and to impart the same knowledge we have acquired through years of success at Shotts. Without the support of Pipe-Major Robert Mathieson and Jim Kilpatrick we wouldn’t be where we are today, and wish to thank them very much.

“Jim and I would like to thank Glenn, Graham and Blair for their service to the Shotts band over the past six years,” Robert Mathieson said. “It has been a pleasure working with them. We have watched them develop from enthusiastic kids to professional piper and drummers over more years than we wish to declare . A solid catch for any band and an astute move by Peel Police. Good luck on your new journey, boys, from all the guys at Shotts.”

House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead recently lost two other pipers, James Murray and Andrew Mathieson, to the start-up Fife Constabulary Pipe Band.

Peel Police will also start a juvenile system for young pipers and drummers, and welcomes e-mail inquires to Glenn Brown or Graham Brown.

Elliott concluded in his message to band members, “I can assure you that the Browns . . . have every intention of making Peel a world champion band and I believe they will do just that.”


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  1. Just wanted to say good luck to Glenn and Graham. You guys will do great and we’ll miss you over here. All the best for Peel Police in the challenge ahead!

  2. As I understand, the relationship between the Peel police force and the pipe band places a lot of trust in the expertise of the band’s leaders and so grants them a fair amount of flexibility in choosing how to run the band. Is it expected then that there will be any significant changes to the appearance of the band, like a new uniform? Or perhaps Glenn and Graham will choose to rename the band in light of its new membership?

  3. To the previous poster: Is the whole Slayer & District, striped pink tie thing done yet? It’s turning into the Itchy Fingers” (no pun intended) of inside jokes.”

  4. We would like to wish the Brown brothers all the best with Peel Police. It’s good to see young players taking control of a grade 1 band, and whatever happens next season will be great experience for them. Good luck guys

  5. Exciting news for a class band. John waited a long time for someone worthy to pass the torch to, and the Brown boys should do a great job. Will they get Mom out to play again??

  6. I would like to congratulate the Brown’s for taking this challenge. I am sure they will be successful. I understand that John Elliot will stay in the band and that is great news. He has been the face of this band for many years and kept it going during the good and tough years. He is a great guy and it is great to see him stick around and support the young guys. We made our move to the youth movement a couple of years ago and it has paid off……we look forward to competing against this talented group of people in the future! All the best from the Los Angeles Scots Pipe Band.

  7. Congrats guys, I could bring up a good story of the three of you playing at the worlds when you were 11 years old and make this a bit of a raost, but maybe, we’ll just leave that one alone for now. Looking forward to seeing the energy come from the band and wish you all the very best over the next several seasons. Bruce and Bev

  8. Let’s not forget the contributions of John Elliott. What an amazing run of 20 years leading this band and T&D through thick and thin. Without John there probably would not be a PRP for these talented boys to take on. Thanks John.

  9. Good Luck to the Brothers’ Brown. I know Gail must be extremely proud having had them cut their teeth in the Milton Juveniles to honing their trade and learning from 2 of the best in Jim and Rab over the past 6 years. Also, you can’t forget about John and all of the people from the T&D days to now. I wish all of you the very best of luck.

  10. To my friends Blair, Glenn & Graham, I could not be happier for you. This is really exciting news not only for the Ontario scene but for the pipe band world as a whole. You have my full support and confidence and I know that the three of you will achieve great things both professionally and musically in your new venture. Nobody deserves the honour of taking over a Grade 1 band more than you. I know that I speak for everyone in the Shotts corps when I say that it will not feel the same going on the field without you; however, I know that there are many new and exciting things that lie ahead. I look forward to the opportunity of playing together again in the future. Until then, all the best at Peel. Sincerely, Tyler Fry

  11. Man, it just seems like yesterday Glenn was asking me for 5 bucks to buy a squirt gun for massed bands so he could get Big Jimmy. How time flies! On you go fellas, I’m happy to know that the future of the Ontario Pipe Band scene is now in good hands. Take your time and build something amazing. It will require all the patience you can muster but, I have faith in your abilities. All the Best, HOSS



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