April 30, 2010

Burnett’s & Struth on the rise with new additions

Fifteen years ago many current members of the Burnett’s & Struth Pipe Band of Ontario competed against each other in rival Grade 2 and Grade 1 bands, but in 2010 they’re working to take Grade 2 status after a successful debut season in Grade 3. The band has recently welcomed Bill Baird, the former pipe-major of the now defunct Windsor Police and City of Detroit bands, both of which achieved success internationally in Grade 2 under his leadership.

Baird will be Pipe-Sergeant of Burnett’s & Struth, and brings with him “a wealth of knowledge, having won the piping with the Windsor Police in Grade 2 at the World’s,” according to Burnett’s & Struth Lead-Drummer Ted Barr, who played with Baird in the City of Detroit, a band that also achieved a top-six placing in Grade 2 at the World’s.

Burnett’s & Struth plans to submit an official request to its home association, the PPBSO, to be upgraded to Grade 2.

Baird also brings with him his two sons, Alex and Cameron, to further fill out the Burnett’s & Struth ranks. The band says that it hopes to compete in Orlando, Las Vegas and the World Championships in Glasgow in 2011.




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