May 31, 2009

CPA adds Gillies to Grading Committee

In an effort to provide even more international insight to its Grading Committee, Alasdair Gillies of Pittsburgh has agreed to join, bringing perspective on many United States-based pipers wishing to compete in Scotland.
The organization also said that Willie McCallum of Bearsden, Scotland, will chair the committee, which comprises a cross-section of well known active and former competitors from around the world.
According to the CPA, “The significant representation of overseas based members who either compete or judge in Scotland is designed to ensure that the grading process is as internationally comparable as possible.”
While the United Kingdom does not have a formal grading system for all of its competitions – and none so far for all amateur pipers – the CPA assigns grades to adult pipers ranging from C-Grade at the entry level to Premier for those who compete in the senior-most events, such as the Clasp and/or the various former winners MSRs at the major gatherings.

The CPA’s 2009-’10 Grading Committee consists of:

  • Alasdair Gillies, USA
  • Jack Lee, Canada
  • Bill Livingstone, Canada
  • Donald MacPhee, Scotland
  • Willie McCallum (chair), Scotland
  • Malcolm McRae, Australia
  • James Murray, Scotland
  • Iain Speirs, Scotland
  • Greg Wilson, New Zealand
In the UK solo pipers older than 18 must compete in a single “open” grade, except for a handful of events under the National Piping Centre’s Competition League for Amateur Solo Pipers that was started in 2005.
Approximately one-third of competitors accepted for the Argyllshire Gathering and Northern Meeting are non-UK-based.




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