January 31, 2000

Canadian Championships Considering Big Changes

The unofficial Canadian Championships held at Cambridge, Ontario, each July may see significant changes for the 2000 season.

Due to incurring a deficit of Cdn$6,000 in 1999, the games is considering a new structure for the pipe band competitions. The games committee apparently chalks up its loss to having to pay travel expenses to upwards of 40 bands.

The games committee has apparently proposed limiting the band entry to the first fifteen on a first-come, first served basis, and this has been refused by the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario. Alternatively, it has been proposed that the event go with only Grade 1 and Grade 2 bands, thus bringing the total entry to around 15 bands.

The games committee has suggested that, with this move, the contest would then be in a position to raise prize money across the board, from 50 to 150 per cent, and still pay travel expenses.

Should the Cambridge games go this route, it would relinquish its “Champion Supreme” status. It appears also that the new Hamilton, Ontario, games will be in a position to take on the Championship status.

The Cambridge Games have consistently been one of the most well attended contests of the Canadian season by competitors and spectators. Without the change in competition structure, the event reportedly would have to fold altogether after nearly 30 years in operation.


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