February 29, 2008

Cap Caval takes first round of Breton Championships

Brest, Brittany – February 17, 2008 –Bagad Cap Caval won the Breton Winter Championships here today, the first phase of the Breton National Championships. Cap Caval rose above 13 other Breton pipe bands to take the event. The top seven from the contest go through to compete for the title at the Festival de Lorient in August. Twelve adjudicators judged the contest – two piping, two drumming, two bombards and six ensemble.

Cap Caval also won bet drumming, while Kevrenn Alre took the prize for “interpretation,” finishing a very close second overall.

The pipers of Bagad Cap Caval after winning the first round of the Breton National Championships.
1st Bagad Cap Caval
2nd Kevrenn Alre
3rd Bagad Lokoal
4th Bagad Quimper
5th Bagad St Malo
6th Kerlenn Pondi
7th Bagad Beuzec
8th Bagad Kemperle
9th Bagad Vannes
10th Bagad St Nazaire
11th Bagad Moulin Vert
12th Bagad Penhars
13th Bagad Guingamp
14th Bagad Pommerit


  1. Well done to Cap Caval, and all the boys who travelled from Scotland. Im sure it will have proven to be an enjoyable musical experience, and is no doubt something that they would like to do again. I love the creativity of the bagads and im sure that these lads enjoyed every minute of it.

  2. 12 Judges is excellent indeed. The RSPBA could learn a lot from that. It would give the Worlds a lot more credibility. An idea: Have the Grade 1 final on Sunday, that way you’ll have all the judges available. All the players from other bands can get discounted tickets to watch and enjoy.

  3. Ok, since we don’t get much of the Bagad news over here can someone tell me the reason as to why Brieg isn’t competeing this year? Appreciated!

  4. They decided to not compete this year a few month ago, because of differents other musical projects. They have actually a few concerts planned all over France, and Spain I believe. As far as I know, the 30th anniversary of the band is planned for October, with a brand new concert release, made of all new stuff. On top of that, they have two different bands to get ready for the World pipe bands championship in Glasgow. one in G2, and their juvenile band will be competing aswell. Not compete, to play music instead, and have more fun… Bagad competitions are totally different from pipe bands. 2 comp. a year, and you need to write different medleys at each time. (the first one should last 10 min +/- 1, the second one in Lorient festival is about 15 min of music) You can now understand why, sometimes, breton bands need a rest off the competitions.



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