July 31, 2002

Chatham Championship Goes To 78th

Chatham, Ontario – July 13, 2002 – The 78th Fraser Highlanders won the third PPBSO Champion Supreme event of the Ontario season at the Chatham Highland Games, receiving straight first placings in the medley event. In Grade 2, Windsor Police continued their hot streak, winning the category.

Grade 1 (Medley): 1st 78th Fraser Highlanders, 2nd Toronto Police, 3rd Peel Regional Police
Grade 2 (MSR): 1st Windsor Police, 2nd Niagara Regional Police, 3rd North Coast
Grade 3 (Medley): 1st 87th Cleveland, 2nd Toronto Police, 3rd Dofasco
Grade 4 (Medley): Windsor Police, 2nd Chicago Caledonian, 3rd Guelph

Professional Solo Piping
Piobaireachd: 1st Michael Grey, 2nd Adrain Melvin, 3rd Rob Crabtree, 4th Ian K. MacDonald, 5th Peter Aumonier. Judge: Reay Mackay
March: 1st Rob Crabtree, 2nd Adrian Melvin, 3rd Michael Grey, 4th Ian K. MacDonald, 5th James MacHattie. Judge: Tom Anderson
Strathspey & Reel: 1st James MacHattie, 2nd Michael Grey, 3rd Ian K. MacDonald, 4th Adrian Melvin, 5th Christian Hryniw. Judge: Ron Rollo
Jig: 1st Adrian Melvin, 2nd Ian K. MacDonald, 3rd Rob Crabtree, 4th Michael Grey, 5th James MacHattie. Judge: Reay MacKay

Professional Solo Drumming
MSR: 1st Ian Madeiros, 2nd Sandy McKail, 3rd Jacquie Troy, 4th Eric McCoy. Judge: Brian McCue
Hornpipe/Jig: 1st Jacquie Troy, 2nd Sandy McKail, 3rd Ian Madeiros, 4th David Hickling. Judge: Jimmy Agnew


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