October 31, 2000

City of Regina Pipe Band

The City of Regina Pipe Band has been Saskatchewan’s champion pipe band since 1992, and is the only active Grade 2 band between Vancouver and Toronto.

Against great odds, the band has competed successfully against many of North America’s best Grade 2 bands. The band was in the prize list each year it attended the North American Championships in Maxville (5th, 3rd, 5th, 6th) and has placed well on the West Coast.

The band has developed concert performances with multiple instruments, dance, narration and multimedia. These concerts are for the band’s annual “Mid-Winter Celtic Festival” and have also been part of Guest Band appearances at Winnipeg, Mount Vernon and Pacific NorthWest Highland Games.

The CRPB has a Grade 4 band program, and plays an integral role in training young pipers and drummers in Saskatchewan through weekly tuition at other bands, summer schools, and workshops. CRPB members teach at Piping Hot Summer Drummer, Coeur d’Alene, The Gaelic College, The College of Piping, and the Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association summer school.

The City of Regina Pipe Band has distinguished itself in a variety of ways. The key concept for this has been the “attitude” of the members. Band members have proudly worn the “Attitude” lapel pin since 1994. This signifies that each band member understands that to create a winning band, members must adopt a winning attitude. The winning attitude is exemplified by a positive approach to musical and personal challenges, a strong desire to excel, and the understanding that we all give something up to make the band work.

Contact information:

City of Regina Pipe Band
Box 132
Avonlea, SK
S0H 0C0 Canada

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