June 30, 2005

Counterfeit pipes reaching UK market

The surge in counterfeit products is impacting the Highland bagpipe industry as fake “R’G. Hardie & Co.” pipes have been found in circulation.

According to Paul McComish of The Band Room, which acquired R.G. Hardie last year, “The bagpipes have R.G. Hardie marked under the cords, and they are almost certainly from Pakistan.

“I recently attended a musical instrument makers show in Frankfurt and saw fake bagpipes and chanters marked with our mark also other maker’s marks. When I asked the company that was exhibiting they weren’t very interested in my concerns. I have approached the event organizers to do something about this.”

The counterfeiting of trademarked consumer products worldwide is estimated to be worth some $200 billion in lost revenue and incalculable damage to brand equity.

Pipers and drummers concerned about the veracity of their instrument’s brand are advised to contact a known reputable dealer or manufacturer for advice.


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