Published: August 31, 2008

Elliott, Maltman, Hendrickson quaff Lord of the Todd Challenge

Glasgow – August 11, 2008 – The second annual Lord of the Todd Challenge played to a full house as it helped to kick off the first day of events at the Piping Live! festival. The invitational competitions for snare, bass and tenor drummers rocked the Lord Todd Bar at the University of Strathclyde in the event sponsored by Innovation.
Performances ranged from the conservative to the outlandish, and ultimately the winners in each category were: 
  • Snare: Peter Hendrickson (Canada)
  • Tenor: Andrew Elliott (Canada)
  • Bass: Bill Maltman (Australia) 
Each of the winners, which were selected by the audience, received a new Premier drum and £500 in cash and vouchers.
Other competitors were
  • Kahlil Cappuccino (Canada)
  • Craig Colquhoun (Canada)
  • Steve Foley (USA)
  • Neil Bruce (Scotland)
  • Ruaridh MacDonald (Canada)
  • James Marshall (Canada)
  • Ryan Barr (Canada)
  • Richard Baughman (USA)
  • Alistair Boyle (Australia)
  • Blair Brown (Canada)
  • Graham Brown (Canada)
  • Jake Jorgensen (Denmark)
  • Nathan McLaren (Canada)


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