March 31, 2009

FMM and SLOT to share concert stage Saturday

Ireland’s two greatest pipe bands have shared many competition fields over the years, but have never yet shared the same concert stage – until this Saturday night when the two bands converge at the first-ever Foyle Piping Festival in Londonderry / Derry, Northern Ireland, at the University of Ulster.
The March 28th pipe band concert is part of a three-day event. The concert will also feature former World Solo Champion snare drummer Steven McWhirter of the Inveraray & District Pipe Band, and the Celtic folk group, Bernagh. The concert will be in the city’s Guildhall at 8 pm. with tickets priced at £15.
Another concert on Friday, March 27th, will bring together both Uillean and Highland pipers, with the Armagh Piper’s Club and Dublin’s Píobairí Uilleann performing with Andrew Carlisle, McWhirter, and the Colmcille Pipe Band, winners of the Grade 4A event at the 2008 World Championships.
The Foyle Piping Festival also has on the schedule performances by various pipers, seminars, workshops, and “late night sessions.”


  1. If it was my band, I’d welcome any comments regarding our performances. By determining whether there was merit behind them or not, it would help me to decide whether the band was on the right track or not and make any adjustments required. Being open minded can only serve to improve future outings, whether it is for a show or The Full Monty”. But

  2. What a fantastic idea. It isn’t often that two prominanet world class pipe bands share a concert stage. Hopefully someone will be recording a DVD of this for commercialization.

  3. was at concert last night,fmm sound was good has ever.slot played well but the harmonays didnt come through that strong in parts and to much harmonys in others.the only other problem was has usual in concerts was to much sound from the drum corps,at times you couldnt hear the pipe section,but otherwise a great night.hope its on again next year.

  4. Well done to FMM & SLOT on their perfomance in the Guildhall. This was not a contest and the only winner was Pipe Band Music played by two World Class Pipe Bands. To witness FMM & SLOT create history for Pipe Bands by performing together on the stage for the first time ever was a night to remember. Good luck to both in future competitions.

  5. FullMonty…What’s up with that comment? It’s a concert, not a contest. No real need to critique it like you’re opinion matters and anyone cares. Just enjoy the music and put down your little pretend clipboard.

  6. wiltchamberlin im entitled to my opinion same as everyone else on here.i was just pointing out what i thought.i dont critisize your opinion so please dont criyisize my opinion.

  7. I just wanted to point out that any comments left by the person using the name ‘Full Monty’ are nothing to do with me. As some of you may know I have a tune and a book by that name but want to make sure that nobody confuses things and links me with this poster. Cheers, Ryan Canning.

  8. fullmonty, the reason the harmonies sound stronger in some tunes rather than others is that it’s not the same players that play them throught all the sets……. I was missing on the night due to work commitments,and Alen’s is away in OZ. Anyway, it seems to have been a great success and I for one would love to see the two bands go head-to-head at a purely pipe band concert…….with no additional acts as filler. Cheers,Ronan



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