February 28, 2007

FMM deal with Premier to last for three years

2006 World Pipe Band Champions Field Marshal Montgomery of Belfast have revealed that its deal with Premier Percussion announced in early February will last at least three years. The endorsement contract started officially in January 2007.
The Field Marshal Montgomery drum section with its brand spanking new custom Premier drums, Celtic Connections, Glasgow, January 27, 2007. Click to supersize!
The band debuted its new drums in a concert with ScottishPower at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on January 27. The band is playing HTS700 snares and Hosbilt tenor and bass drums.

In a statement to pipes|drums, a spokesperson for Field Marshal Montgomery said, “Premier’s commitment to a long term partnership with Field Marshal is a mark of its intent to continue to invest within the pipe band community, and in the future of piping and drumming worldwide.”

“Personally, I am looking forward to yet another demanding year of competition and concert performance,” Field Marshal Leading-Drummer Keith Orr said. “Everyone in the drum corps is excited with the new instruments, and we are highly motivated by the challenge from all the other great RSPBA Grade 1 drum corps.”

The band had used drums from Pearl since 2002.


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  1. Are there any drummers out there- No Comments posted!! If a World Champion band was changing chanters/reeds/bags after a sponsorship i’m sure there would be a huge amount of opinions!! or don’t u drummers care????

  2. I was waiting for this news, since they split up with Pearl, and they started to play Premier i was sure they were going to sign a sponsorship. Anyway i wish i can sign one of the, I do really think Premier is best, withouy trying to open here the classical Premier-Pearl discussion. I like Premier the most, while Eric Ward for example like Pearl the most obviously, hehehe. We will have to wait until the contest to see the results

  3. You would never get a band broadcasting what chanters it plays because its so politically sensitive with the judges. But the judges all know what they play anyway if they even care. Drummers are way ahead of pipers when it comes to politics. Not saying there are no politics in druimming just nothing like the state of piping. It shows you how much value there is in these bands playing certain instruments. Meanwhile little old Sinclair still manages to squeeze £300 a chanter out of the bands still left playing their stuff.



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