August 31, 2000

Fergus Goes On Despite Low Grade 1 Turn Out

Fergus, Ontario – August 12, 2000 – The renowned Fergus Highland Games made its annual appearance in southwestern Ontario today in stunning, sunny weather.

Three of the usual four Ontario Grade 1 bands were not in attendance due to the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, but Cletic Flair of Hamilton, Ontario, put in a performance for the huge crowd.

In the Professional Solo Piping events, Michael Grey and Andrew Berthoff, both of Toronto, Ontario, split the first prizes, with Berthoff taking the aggregate award for the day.

Professional Solo Piping

Piobaireachd: 1st Andrew Berthoff, “The MacRae’s March,” 2nd John MacKenzie, Newmarket, Ont, 3rd Robert Crabtree, Toronto, 4th Michael Grey. Judge: W. Connell

March: 1st Andrew Berthoff, 2nd Michael Grey, 3rd Robert Crabtree, 4th Martyn Brown. Judge: W. Connell

Strathspey & Reel: 1st Michael Grey, 2nd Robert Crabtree, 3rd Andrew Berthoff, 4th John MacKenzie. Judge: T. Anderson

Jig: 1st Michael Grey, 2nd John MacKenzie, 3rd Andrew Berthoff, 4th Martyn Brown. Judge: B. Gandy


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