August 31, 2001

Field Marshal Wins Cowal Championship

Dunoon, Scotland – August 25, 2001 – Field Marshal Montgomery won the last major championship here today by taking Cowal, with Boghall & Bathgate and Shotts & Dykehead finishing second and third, respectively. Grade 2 was won by Dumfies & Galloway Constabulary, the band’s first ever major win in Grade 2.

Grade 1
1st Field Marshal Montgomery
2nd Boghall & Bathgate
3rd Shotts & Dykehead
4th Strathclyde Police
5th ScottishPower
6th Royal Ulster Constabulary
Drumming: Boghall

Champion of Champions: Shotts & Dykehead
Champion of Champions Drumming: Shotts & Dykehead

Grade 2
1st Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary
2nd Bleary
3rd Ballycoan
4th Ravara
5th Boghall & Bathgate
6th Drambuie Kirkliston
Drumming: Bleary

Champion of Champions: Ravara
Champion of Champions Drumming: Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary

Grade 3A
1st Milngavie
2nd Tullylagan
3rd Oban
4th Coalburn IOR
5th Banbridge
6th Leapoughs
Drumming: Tullylagan

Champion of Champions: Tullylagan
Champion of Champions Drumming: Tullylagan

Grade 3B
1st Syerla
2nd Inverness
3rd Troon
4th Inverkeithing
5th Turriff & District
6th Inverclyde
Drumming: Syerla

Champion of Champions: Syerla
Champion of Champions Drumming: Syerla

1st St. Thomas Episcopal School
2nd Lochgelly High School
3rd Dumbarton
4th MacNaughton’s Vale of Atholl
5th Burntisland
6th George Watson’s
Drumming: St. Thomas School

Champion of Champions: Lochgelly
Champion of Champions Drumming: Lochgelly

Grade 4A
1st Stirling
2nd Brother Matt Boyd
3rd Lomond & Clyde
4th RAF Kinross
5th Annsborough
6th Castlerock
Drumming: Stirling

Champion of Champions: Lomond & Clyde
Champion of Champions Drumming: Lomond & Clyde

Grade 4B
1st Gortaclare
2nd Arbroath
3th Nairn
4th Perth
5th Kilsyth
6th 71 Engineer Regiment
Drumming: Arbroath

Champion of Champions: Arbroath
Champion of Champions Drumming: Arbroath

Novice Juvenile
1st Seafield
2nd Paisley
3rd 47th Coulter
4th Bowhill
5th Old Meldrum
6th Craigmount High School
Drumming: Seafield

Champion of Champions: Paisley
Champion of Champions Drumming: Seafield & District


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