August 31, 2007

Foley crowned Lord of the Todd

LA Scots' bass-drummer Steve Foley impresses in the Lord of the Todd Challenge at the University of Strathclyde. [Photo: S. Currie]Glasgow – August 7, 2007 – Some contend that tenor- and bass-drummers are taking over the pipe band world, and, for one day at least, Steve Foley, bass-drummer with the Los Angeles Scots Pipe Band, was not only “Lord of the Todd,” but king of all mid-sections.

Foley was voted by the 500-strong audience the winner of the first-ever Lord of the Todd contest for bass- and tenor-drummers at the Lord Todd Bar at the University of Strathclyde. The event was organized by “Drumming for Drinks.”

Thirteen competitors vied for £500 in cash and vouchers, a Premier Hosbilt bass drum and an invitation to perform in Todd’s Bar Masters Drumming Recital that followed the competition.

Competitors were allowed and encouraged to use whatever creativity the wanted, and performances included bass guitars, djembes, flutes, keyboards, beat-boxing and an improvised didgeridoo, as well as traditional piping and snare drumming accompaniment.

Foley used his winnings after the event to buy a round for everyone at the bar.


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