Style Guy
January 31, 2010


Dear Style Guy:

Got myself a new set of tweed duds last New Year (soft green tones with windowpane check) mostly for taking in the big solos. My question is, should I dare, should I wear the duds for my own solo efforts?

I feel like “bah-ing” like a sheep when all the competitors turn up like some facsimile of Mr. Anderson from The Matrix.

Any chance the tweeds will make up for any crushed doublings or will the judge (probably some socialist) think I’m an aristocrat and take the common man’s glee of rubbing my nose in it?


My dear Jim:


To paraphrase Mr. De Niro, Are you takin’ the piss outta me? You takin’ the piss outta me? Takin’ the piss? Outta me?


I thought not.


I don’t quite understand your letter. What do you mean, “For taking in the big solos”? Do you mean wearing your get-up to major solo piping competitions? If so, unless you are one of the competitors or judges, or have some other direct role in the event, don’t do that. It’s like wearing white to a wedding when you’re not the bride. If just a listener don what’s appropriate, and only wear a kilt yourself if it’s the thing to do.


To your second point, why wouldn’t you be well turned-out for a competition in which you’re competing? Provided your ensemble isn’t so over-the-top that it sets you up for ridicule and failure, I say wear it and wear it well. If it is some Gordon Walker-esque get-up, just make sure you play as well as him. Otherwise, it will be a case of lunch-bag let-down.




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