November 30, 2007

Gandy loses computer, back-up and six years of work

The well known piper, composer and teacher Bruce Gandy of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, lost untold original tunes, seminar notes and recordings from the last six years when his laptop computer and back-up drive when they went missing after a cab ride to Halifax International Airport.

Gandy had been on his way to his native British Columbia to tend to a family emergency when he lost the items. He’s now asking pipes|drums readers if they might be able to help him piece together lost information, particularly material from workshops and seminars that he has delivered and shared over the last five years.

Everything was in there,” he said, “my laptop, my digital camera, webcam, my back-up drive, my lectures, typeset tunes, student journals, business files, about 60 piobaireachds that I had recorded over the past six years, work stuff . . . the lot.”

Also lost were six-dozen brand new pipe chanter reeds.

Gandy asks that anyone who may have MP3 files of piobaireachds, lecture material in pdf format, to get in touch with him at

“I’ve done all that I can do to track down the missing items, but it’s out of my hands,” Gandy added. “I’m just hoping to get on with it now a try to go forward.”

He stressed that this was the only time he had ever traveled with both his computer and back-up drive together, and he is working with his insurance company on replacement values in case the lost or stolen items are not recovered.

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  1. Let’s hope that whoever has this computer recognizes the contents to be that of the mad piper of Nova Scotia, and returns it. Who in their right mind would spend a lifetime playing and composing beautiful music as Bruce has? Best of luck Bruce.

  2. Hello, I just wanted to send in a note to say thank you to Andrew for putting up the story here. It means a great deal to me to see that people have responded to me with offers of articles and mp3 recordings and I wanted to get this note out before this article was replaced with another. I have received 10 or 12 emails from people offering to help and it is very much appreciated. I am not sure that I will be able to recover all of it, but every bit helps a great deal and takes the work load off slightly. I guess I will now be getting 2 back up hard drives this time 🙂 Anyway, thanks so much to all who have emailed me and hopefully there are still more out there who can dig around and find more information to help me put this mess back together. It just goes to show that there truly are a lot of great people here in the bagpipe world willing to help out people when they need it. Cheers Bruce Gandy



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