June 30, 2007

Hamilton Police win Grade 2 at Sarnia

Sarnia, Ontario – June 16, 2007 – The Hamilton Police Pipe Band took all four first-placings to win the Grade 2 event at the Sarnia Highland Games, the first Champion Supreme contest of the Ontario outdoor season. The Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders won the Grade 1 contest, and James MacHattie of Toronto was the overall winner in the Professional Solo Piping.

The event returned to the PPBSO schedule after a year’s hiatus, and was billed as the “Canadian Championships.” The games were held in hot, sunny weather at the Hiawatha Race Track grounds, a new location that, despite a lack of shade, drew a large crowd and had an excellent beer tent.

Grade 1
(Medley, two competed)
1st Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders
2nd Peel Regional Police
Drumming: 78th Frasers; Bass section: 78th Frasers
Judges: Ron Rollo, Iain Macey (piping); Tom Anderson (ensemble); Dave Coleman (drumming)

Grade 2 (MSR, three competed)
1st Hamilton Police
2nd Niagara Regional Police
3rd McNaughton Highlanders
Judges: Ron Rollo, Iain Macey (piping); Tom Anderson (ensemble); Dave Coleman (drumming)

Grade 3 (Medley, nine competed)
1st Toronto Police (Gr.3)
2nd Penetangore
3rd Strathnaver
Bass Section: Penatangore
Judges: Ron Rollo, Iain Macey (piping); Tom Anderson (ensemble); Dave Coleman (drumming)

Grade 4 (Medley, 10 competed)
1st Georgetown
2nd The Frost
3rd Glengarry (Gr.4)
Judges: Charlie MacDonald, Bruce Bert (piping); Ed Neigh (ensemble); Larry Willis (drumming)

Grade 5 (March Medley, five competed)
1st Flint Scottish
2nd Lochaber
3rd 87th Cleveland
Judges: Charlie MacDonald, Bruce Bert (piping); Ed Neigh (ensemble); Larry Willis (drumming)

Professional Solo Piping

1st James MacHattie
2nd Lionel Tupman
3rd Sean McKeown
4th Jacob Dicker
Judge: Iain Macey

1st James MacHattie
2nd Robbie Beaton
3rd Lionel Tupman
4th Sean McKeown
5th Jacob Dicker
Judge: Ed Neigh

Strathspey & Reel
1st Sean McKeown
2nd Lionel Tupman
3rd Jacob Dicker
4th James MacHattie
5th Robbie Beaton
Judge: Ed Neigh

1st James MacHattie
2nd Lionel Tupman
3rd Sean McKeown
4th Robbie Beaton
5th Jacob Dicker
Judge: Bruce Bert


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  1. At the prizegiving ceremony, the president of the PPBSO, when arriving at the results for the G1 contest, publically and sarcastically announced well this one is a real nail biter”

  2. Hey HAHA, I was in fact standing there. Which if you were standing there as well, you would’ve noticed the steward waving his clip board multiple times to get the bands attention while he was looking at his watch. This Nail-Biter” of a contest wasn’t going to be called on the fact that the “borg” was tardy to the line. C’mon hardy Har

  3. I hear that the SL78 were 13 minutes late to the line. Perhaps that they (the PPBSO) are celebrating the bands’ 20th Anniversary of winning the World’s in ’87 and feel the need to send them over to Scotland without a scratch” on them. D-11.3 More Than Three Minutes. A band more than three minutes late may be disqualified. D-11.4 Time of Disqualification. Any disqualification for lateness must be imposed before a band begins their performance. [2001 AGM]”

  4. I heard that they were 13 minutes late getting to the line” Maybe if you were actually there or had a reasonable resource for your false information you would know the truth. The band sat in the final tuning circle waiting for the judges to finish the previous bands and get ready for them. I know I WAS STANDING THERE WATCHING THEM!!!!!!!! Nice way to keep trying to stir the 78th pot but at this point I have heard and seen enough. YOU ARE WRONG! GET A LIFE!”

  5. Hi Time Check, In the rules you posted, you will notice the word MAY appears … the contest organizers/officials chose not to penalize the SL-78th Frasers, and they were allowed to play. Because the no action was taken at the time, no further action can be taken against the band – it is a moot point! I have never been a fan of bands or soloists who are tardy, but there are always circumstances that preclude an individual being ‘on time.’ At the BCPA Indoor last year, the Steward for the Pro MSR happened to say (in front of my wife) and some other competitors that they ‘couldn’t find me.’ Meanwhile, I was in the final tuning room, warming up, and waiting for the Steward to come tell me which tunes I was to play. When the Steward didn’t show by the time I was scheduled to play, I simply made my way for the room. I was, however, a minute or two late (because of the ‘mix-up’). Should I have been disqualified because the Steward was confused? I think not. The rules exist because there are situations where bands and soloists abuse the schedule as a result of their own lack of preparation, or because of issues which arise immediately before a scheduled event. However, I don’ t think such rules should be enforced unless there is an evidence of a concerted effort being made (in an obvious fashion) to subvert the rules. I wasn’t there, and therefore, I don’t know what was said by the PPBSO President – so I won’t bother commenting on his comments. Instead of focusing on the negative, lets offer congratulations to the SL-78th Frasers on the second win of the season!



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