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May 31, 2013

Harry needs (serious) help

Well, dear readers, some of you have known for some time, but now it’s out there: Harry needs help. The problem is that Harry can’t afford the bar prices at the games this summer, so he’s started a Fundrazr campaign to get the needed scratch together.

Please give generously.  

The concept of drinking for free on other people’s money is a time-honoured practice, especially among Harry’s Canadian pals. A quick scan of the news shows that snuffling in the public trough is an established routine, and Harry wants in.

Of course, Harry got the idea from some Canadian pipe bands and their online Fundrazr campaigns to help them get to Scotland. In the case of both Simon Fraser University and Dowco-Triumph Street, the bands have already accessed public lottery money to the tune of over $100,000 ($66K for SFU and $40K for DTS), and that’s just this year. It costs a lot to get 50 people to Scotland, and who better to pay for that than you?

The best bit is that the Fundrazrs went up on Facebook about an hour apart, so even that seems to be a bit of a contest. Must be hell even trying to get a good parking spot at West Coast games what with the fierce competition.

Latecomers 78th Highland (Halifax Citadel) launched a campaign also, but Harry thinks his might already be ahead. Not that he’s been checking.

Maybe what really needs to happen here is that the RSPBA pays some performance fees to top bands for the two days of entertainment they are bringing to Glasgow, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars in accommodations, meals, and uh . . . well . . . other stuff.

Harry was up for two days watching the youtubes from last weekend. British Championships, Kingston, Alma and Costa Mesa. After watching Field Marshal Montgomery, Shotts & Dykehead, Inveraray & District, St. Laurence O’Toole, Boghall & Bathgate, 78th Highlanders, Peel Police, Toronto Police, 78th Frasers, Dowco-Triumph Street, Los Angeles Scots and Alberta Caledonia, it was clear they all had one thing in common: they were wearing kilts. Harry’s not certain what the “take-away” was from this Tube-fest, except that weather can play a role in sound, and a band with “F-M-M” as initials is way more likely to sound heavenly than any other.  

Highland bagpipe collectors are likely all panting in anticipation of the first sets of Stuart Liddell Bagpipes to be released this summer. The highly talented Liddell has worked with Wallace Bagpipes to create a design based on his prize-winning MacRae pipes. Harry thinks that what the world really needs is another excellent vintage re-creation, and so he’s working with a renowned bagpipe maker on his own version, which will be called The Lahore Bagpipe, based on Harry’s own prize-winning pipe.

No matter which pipes you play, Harry’s sure that correct hand placement is the starting line to success, so be sure to play like the pros.  

So, save up, dear readers, and you won’t have to resort to Fundrazr. And hey, if you save enough, remember to lay a little green on your pal Harry. C’mon pal, geeza break!

If you haven’t got a ha’penny, then send scoop. Harry’s always in need there, too.




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