October 31, 2002

Llariegu Wins Asturian Pipe Band Championship

Asturias, Spain – October 20, 2002 – Banda de Gaites Llariegu won the second annual National Championship of Asturian Pipe Bands, competing against seven bands in the Grade 1 category.

Each band competed in four categories: piping, drumming, ensemble and aesthethic. The competition is part of a growing trend towards organized piping events and bands in the Asturian region.

Several leading bands, including Vale of Atholl and City of Washington, have integrated Asturian music into their repertoire over the last decade.

1st Banda de Gaites Llariegu
2nd Banda de Gaites Villaviciosa-El Gaitero-Ribesella
3rd Banda de Gites La Tayuela de Mecer
4th Banda de Gaites La Reina´l Truébanu
5th Banda de Gaites Candás
6th Banda de Gaites Xácara
7th Banda de Gaites Corvera d´Asturies


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