January 31, 2001

Major UK Championships Still Not Determined

The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association is yet to finalize venues for two of their five major championships, leaving planning unusually late for member bands.

While the European Championships (Ayr, June 23), the World Championships (Glasgow, August 11), and the Cowal Championships (Dunoon, August 25) have all been scheduled, the Scottish and British championships have neither a date nor a home for 2001. Dates and venues for major championships are normally known before December.

According to sources, it is “95-percent likely” that the British will be in Northern Ireland on May 19, and there are unconfirmed reports that the Scottish will be in early September, possibly at Rouken Glen.

“The longer it takes to finalize this, the more difficult it is for bands to plan and budget for the year,” said one Scottish Grade 1 band member. “It’s even harder for any overseas bands that want to play at the first major to qualify for the final at the World’s.”

Said another insider, speaking on the condition of anonymity, “It is symptomatic of the shambles the RSPBA is in that these items, which are basically what they do, are still not resolved.”


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