August 31, 2005

Masterful Medleys: Simon Fraser University

With four World Championships, the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band of Vancouver has been one of the “Big Three” for the last decade. Pipe-Major Terry Lee and Leading-Drummer J. Reid Maxwell have guided the band to its success, along the way establishing a monumentally successful teaching system that comprises four feeder-bands keeping SFU’s standard high. Along the way the band has released regular studio and live recordings, the most recent, SFU On Home Ground, being launched in Glasgow next week.

Simon Fraser University

Terry Lee writes:

Our 2005 medley combines favourite tunes from other sets in our repertoire with the second half of our 2004 competition medley. Sometimes, certain pieces that we play stand out as particularly medley worthy, or band members will tend to suggest that we play certain sets more often than others. This is an indication to me that the band really enjoys playing those pieces, that the players will be proud to master them, and that our presentation will have good first-impression appeal to the listener. As such, I have chosen to use the second half of our 2004 medley again because we all enjoy playing it so much.

Our current medley is as follows:

  • “Father Michael MacDonald’s Silver Jubilee” (march) – by I. MacDonald; part three by Jori Chisholm
  • “Emancipation” (jig) – by Mark Saul
  • “Air in B Minor” – by Andrew Douglas & Dani Millar
  • “Jane Campbell” (strath.) – by Michael Grey
  • “The Fiddler” (strath) – by Donald MacLeod
  • “Short-Coated Mary” (strath.) – trad.
  • “Reprise in B Minor” (reel) – by Andrew Douglas & Dani Millar
  • “Doctor MacPhail’s Reel” – by Andrew Bain

    This medley is track number three on our latest CD release, SFU On Home Ground – Vol. 1, available at www.sfupipeband.com.

    We hope you enjoy our new CD and our performances at the World Championships on August 13. We wish all of the bands good luck in their competitions.


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