April 30, 2007

More improvements made to pipes|drums

After a little more than six months since its launch, pipes|drums has made further modifications designed to improve the reader’s experience:

  • All articles now include a real-time Comment(s) number. This will show visitors when a reader has posted a new comment to an article.
  • New home page access to Dr. William Donaldson’s Set Tunes Series. One of the current Set Tunes appears randomly for visitors to access.
  • Better access to the Fun section, which now opens with the very popular “Style Guy” feature.
  • A cool “favicon” that helps regular visitors find their pipes|drums link in their favourites (for those who haven’t already made the site their home page!).

“These are just a few relatively small upgrades that we’ve made based on feedback from our readers,” said Andrew Berthoff, pipes|drums editor. “There are more substantial new features on the horizon and, as always, we welcome input from visitors, and I personally read and try to respond to every e-mail message.”

Since the launch of the new site, more than 3,000 visitors have registered, and more than half that many have paid the small $9.99 fee to subscribe. The site achieves more than 12,000 page views and between 4,000 and 8,000 unique visits every weekday.

We hope that you enjoy pipes|drums.


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  1. Cheers, all. Keep the comments and suggestions coming. Re the downloads.” Rob’s right. These are old and go back to a time when desktop images were a novelty (e.g.

  2. The format is excellent. One suggestion (and my technology skills are a bit lax), but you may want to consider opening the Blogpipe into more of a bulliten board to allow members to post their own thread-starters. The BobDunsire forums get an ungodly amount of traffic through this technique. Pipes|drums is frequently mentioned (in a very positive light) on the BobD forum, and a BBS format would undoubtable bring in new members who could benefit from the solid information available on your site.

  3. As always, Andrew, a great site and on my daily list of must reads, not once but several times. Keep up the good work….all and any updates will improve the delivery of this important link for all pipers and drummers. As for Rob Gereghty’s comment about the Captain playing in Grade 4 solos, never mind. Even good wines stand the test of time. I remind Rob that I am so old that I played before there was any such events as Grades ! Apologies accepted Rob…..

  4. Rob, Ken is only 49 years old! He has been retired for about 4 years now, and he played in Grade 1 Bands for about 40. It is well-known that he was only 15 when he took over the Clan MacFarlane – I don’t know how you missed out on that one! This means that Ken was a five year-old prodigy, playing in a Grade 1 Band. As such, he skipped all of those pesky amateur grades, and strode right into Professional! Cheers, Gregor



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