September 30, 2007

Murray storms Dunrobin Castle

Golspie, Scotland – September 8, 2007 – Douglas Murray of Cupar, Scotland, was declared the overall winner at the annual Dunrobin Castle Piping Championship, a contest “open to all pipers who have not won the Gold Medal for piobaireachd or who have not qualified for the Former Winners MSR in the respective competition at either Inverness/Aviemore or Oban as at the date on which entries close.”

The competition is held within Dunrobin Castle itself, and offers some of the best prize-money in the world.

1st Douglas Murray
2nd Andrew Hall, London
3rd Peter MacGregor, The Highlanders
4th Pipe-Major Michael Gray
Judges: John MacDougall, Dugald MacNeill

1st Jenny Hazzard, Edinburgh
2nd Peter MacGregor
3rd Douglas Murray
4th Pipe-Major Michael Grey

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Douglas Murray
2nd Peter MacGregor
3rd Andrew Hall
4th Callum Beaumont, Bo’ness, Scotland

Tom Speirs and James Hamilton judged both light music events.


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  1. Hamish…. Yes I do play in the former winners at Oban and Inverness which I qualified for in Sept 2003. In the same year I won the Gold Medal at Dunrobin Castle after which I am automatically invited back to play as a former winner of the Dunrobin Gold Medal. Any concerns speak to the organisers. Dougie.

  2. Dougie you werent allowed to compete. the rule on the entry form says that people who have won the Gold Medal or the Former Winners at Oban and Inverness are barred. winners of the Dunrobin Gold Medal can compete so long as they haven’t won the Gold Medal or former winners. maybe you should contact the organisers yourself insterad of asking hamish to

  3. Chris you better check your facts before you speak yes I have spoke with organisers prior to playing actually and they said I could play.And for the record I hav’nt won a Gold Medal or the Former winners at Oban or Inverness .QUOTE ; Competition Rules No.2 Former Winners of the Dunrobin Gold Medal ARE WELCOME to enter, you speak to the organisers !!!

  4. No, Dougie, former winners of the Dunrobin medal can enter it again, providing they haven’t won the Gold Medal. If you are qualified to play in the former winners MSR and oban/Inverness, which you are, you are barred and can’t enter the light music which you did.

  5. Chris, Why are you bothered about this? I’m sure the organisers know their own rules, if Dougie was barred from competing i’m sure they’d know and stand by the rules that are set. Well done Dougie on your win! It’s the tape that won it for you 😉

  6. The poll and the comments here are unrelated. But the comments thread did give me the idea for the question. After seven years of polls, it’s often difficult to think of something new! Dougie clearly stated that the organizers said he was eligible to play, so that is pretty much the end of the debate. I rememeber an instance a few years ago when an A-Grade piper mistakenly played in a B and C Grade piobaireachd event and won. When he realized his mistake, he gave back the prize money without reserve. I think that there was also an issue in the Former Winners MSR at Oban this year that didn’t involve a prize-winner – again, an honest mistake.

  7. Chris…. is there a little green monster rearing it’s ugly head and egging you on to write this twaddle…? Why are you so bothered anyway….?

  8. For those of us who know Dougie – we know him and respect him as a first class competitor and person. If he says he is eligable to compete at a contest – enough said.



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