July 31, 2004

Naill and Henderson part ways

After nearly three-decades together, David Naill & Co. and Murray Henderson have officially parted, after the Kirriemuir, Scotland-based Henderson launched a new line of bagpipes.

“As from July 2004 Murray Henderson will no longer be representing D Naill & Co Ltd.,” said Martin Cowell of Naill. “After 28 years both parties have decided to pursue their own interests. This decision has been taken mutually.”

Henderson and James McIntosh were instrumental in designing the Naill chanter, which has dominated the solo scene since the 1980s, and is one of the most popular solo chanter in piping history. Henderson and McIntosh ran a reed making business and bagpipe and merchandise dealership for many years, but then parted ways in the early 1990s.

Murray Henderson established a successful reed making business – Henderson Reedmakers – on his own, and continued to be one of the world’s biggest dealers of Naill bagpipes and chanters.

Henderson announced unveiled his “Strathmore” line of pipes in June of this year.

“It’s hard to think of Murray Henderson and not immediately think of Naill,” said one piper.

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