April 30, 2008

New freestyle invitational contest to accompany Ontario drumming weekend in May

The recently announced Innovation London 2008 workshop for pipe band drummers will also include a new invitational solo drumming competition on May 3rd at the Windermere Manor hotel in London, Ontario.With events for all three elements of pipe band drumming, competitors must put together a “five-minute freestyle performance,” in which each invitee can integrate as many as five other musicians. The combined results of three appointed judges and the audience will determine the winners.Invited competitors competing in each category for $500 and a Premier drum and Remo products:Snare

  • Daniel Bist, Barrie, Ontario
  • Graham Brown, Milton, Ontario
  • Aaron Carter, Toronto
  • Nathan McLaren, Perth, Ontario
  • Mitch MacKay, Hanover, Ontario


  • Kyle Gorman, Milton, Ontario
  • Reagan Jones, Whitby, Ontario
  • Brian Morgan, Carver, Massachusetts


  • Matt Bellia, London, Ontario
  • Lauren Bonnett, Kincardine, Ontario
  • Andrew Elliott, Scarborough, Ontario
  • Kyle Heaney, Cambridge, Ontario
  • Ruaridh MacDonald, Regina, Saskatchewan

The competitions are expected to begin at approximately 8:45 pm.The events are similar in structure to the Lord of the Todd competition held last August in Glasgow.Organizers say that tickets are available from them in advance, but a limited amount will be on sale at the door. Organized by Jim Kilpatrick, Tyler Fry and Scott Currie – all drummers with the House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band – Innovations Promotions was started in late 2007 after the three left the staff of the annual Winter Storm workshops and recital held in Kansas City, Missouri, each January.The Innovation workshop and competitions are being promoted by the Western Branch of the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario.




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