November 30, 2003

PPBSO AGM a relatively quiet affair

The annual general meeting of the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario (PPBSO) was relatively quiet, with few major changes or additions to rules and policies. Held for the first time in Windsor, Ontario, the event coincided with a highly successful revamped Highland Ball, which was attended by a paying audience of more than 600 enthusiasts.

By acclamation, Bob Allen was made President of the PPBSO for a fourth two-year term, and Gary Moore was re-elected as Treasurer, also for another two years.

The most significant motion defeated was one that officially allowed any competitor eligible to win the society’s annual Champion Supreme aggregate award over the course of the season as long as they are members of an affiliated organization. For perhaps the first time, a non-PPBSO member band – the Grade 2 North Coast of Cleveland – actually compiled the most points, but the award was given to the Windsor Police Pipe Band because of its PPBSO member status.

Motions carried at the 2003 PPBSO AGM

The Parent Body Executive proceed with a Committee to investigate restructuring Part A of the PPBSO Rule Book, with the goal of separating By-Laws from Contest Rules. (Submitted by Charlie MacDonald, Toronto Branch.)

Rule C-15.2(d) – be amended to read: A Grade 3 Amateur competitor shall submit and play through without stopping one set composed of Rule C-15.2(d) should include one four-parted 2/4 march, one four-parted strathspey and four-parted reel. (Submitted by Jim Agnew, Niagara Hamilton Branch.

Rule C-15.2(f) – be amended to read: A Grade 5 Amateur competitor shall submit one two-parted 2/4 march to be played once over. (Submitted by Jim Agnew, Niagara Hamilton Branch.)

Rule D-21.3(b) – be amended to read: Points. For the North American Championships, points shall be awarded as follows: 1st = 6 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 2 points, 4th = 1 point. (Submitted by J. Stewart, Niagara Hamilton Branch.)

New Rule D-21.6 – to read: Eligibility – only PPBSO registered bands, whose rosters are comprised of PPBSO members, will be awarded points for placing in events. (Submitted by Bob Allen, Western Branch.)

The PPBSO membership also approved a progressive policy governing sexual harassment.


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