November 30, 2000

PPBSO Annual Meeting Held

St. Catharines, Ontario – November 11, 2000- The annual general meeting of the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario was held here today, with about 3-percent of the organization’s overall membership attending.

Few changes were enacted by the 40-odd members present, but the most significant motions passed were an increased requirement for the Senior Amateur Piobaireachd event from two tunes to be submitted to three, and the agreement to “study” the addition of a Grade 5 category for pipe band events.

Also passed was a change to the Grade 4 band requirement so that some contests will require bands to submit a quick time “march medley,” if they don’t require the normal medley requirement, which will still exist.

The 2000 PPBSO Executive Parent Body was reinstated for 2001, comprising Bob Allen, president; Charlie MacDonald, vice president; George Leonard, treasurer; and Evelyn Hazzard, secretary.

Motions carried:

D-11.4 Tune Requirements – Grade 4 – to be amended to read: Grade 4 bands shall submit one medley of tunes of 3 to 5 minutes duration and 1 march medley of tunes, played in quick time, of 2 minutes 45 seconds to 4 minutes 30 seconds duration.
– Bob Allen, Western Branch

What it means: Grade 4 band competitions will sometimes require a quick march medley instead of a medley.

D-12.1 Starting position – to be amended to read: For medley contests, excluding the march medley contest for Grade 4 bands, bands are not required to begin their performance at the starting line and may assume their final position before starting the contest.
– Bob Allen, Western Branch

What it means: When the event is a quick march medley, bands must start from the trigger and march into the circle. Medleys are optional.

D-1.2 Receipt of membership and rosters – to be amended to read: Band rosters must be received by February 1 in any year.
– Bob Allen, Western Branch

What it means: Band rosters must be in the hands of the PPBSO executive by February 1.

D-1.4 New section to be title “Pipe Band Grading” D-1.4.1 Grading. Based on the pipe band rosters received in accordance with D-1.2, the executive, as advised by the Music Board, shall notify a pipe band that is deemed to be improperly graded by April 1 of that year. The pipe band will be allowed four weeks to submit opposing arguments in writing to the executive. A final decision shall be provided in writing by the executive to the pipe band in question by June 1 of that year.

D-1.4.2 Pipe bands from other jurisdictions. Pipe band from other jurisdictions shall play in the same grade in which they play in their own jurisdiction.

Part D: Rules Governing Pipe Band Competitions: That the executive and Music Board develop a Grade 5 band competition to bring the PPBSO in line with other organizations and bring recommendations forward by January 2001 for possible executive approval and implementation for the 2002 season.
– Ed Neigh, Western Branch

What it means: The PPBSO will study the possibility of adding a Grade 5 band category.

C-10.1 Senior Amateur Piobaireachd – to be amended to read: Senior Amateur Piobaireachd. Competitors shall submit three piobaireachds and shall play one, as chosen by the judge from the tunes submitted.
– Ed Neigh, Western Branch

What it means: Senior Amateur Piobaireachd competitors need to submit another tune from now on.

C-9 Grade 3 Amateur Piping Contest Requirements. C-9.2 Strathspey and Reel – to be amended to read: Strathspey and Reel. Grade 3 Amateur competitors shall submit and play two parts of a strathspey and two parts of a reel.
– Kevin Mitchell, Western Branch

What it means: Grade 3 pipers submit two parts strathspey and two parts reel.

A-7.3 AGM Motions – to be amended to read: (b) Motions provided to members. All motions to be considered at the Society AGM must be provided to the members two weeks prior to the date of the AGM. All branches must have their motions delivered to the executive at least one month prior to the AGM.
– Julie Stewart, Niagara/Hamilton Branch

What it means: Other forms of communications (e.g. e-mail) can be used in addition to printed correspondence.

Also agreed was a directive for the executive to consider the ability for members to vote via mail-in ballots, subject to constitutional requirement.

Among the more interesting motions that were defeated was one recommending a change in tune requirement for Junior Amateur Piobaireachd competitions from one to two, and a proposal to eradicate tenor drumming competitions altogether.


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