November 30, 2004

PPBSO appoints new executives, passes rules at AGM

The Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario (PPBSO) elected three new members of its executive branch and passed fourteen motions for new rules and rule changes at its annual general meeting, held at Canada’s Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario.

Less than 5 per cent of the organization’s membership attended the meeting, which naturally had an Ottawa branch flavour to it due to the relative closeness to Canada’s capital. The 2004 AGM was actually the first in the Society’s history to be held east of Yonge Street, Toronto’s famous north-south dividing thoroughfare.

The organization selected three new executives by proclamation:

  • Ron Rollo of Richmond Hill, Ontario, was made Vice-President
  • Barbara MacRae of London, Ontario, was proclaimed Secretary
  • former Vice-President Charlie MacDonald is now Treasurer

    MacDonald takes over for Gary Moore, who resigned in October citing time constraints. As reported earlier, President Bob Allen decided to finish out his fourth two-year term, which ends in November 2005.

    Allen reported on overall PPBSO affairs, stating that the organization’s status is sound. He called for an increased emphasis on education and instruction in the coming year, and set a goal of no later than 2006 for a completely electronic system for competitors entering events. Allen thanked various contributors to the organization, and gave particular thanks to long-serving Secretary Evelyn Hazzard and Sharon Duthart, the PPBSO’s administrator.

    True to his policy of frank and fair discussion, Bob Allen concluded his remarks by asking the floor to ask questions of him, saying, “Now’s your chance – take a shot.” Instead of further questions, Allen was given a hearty round of applause for his ongoing work as president and his decision to finish out his term.

    Outgoing Treasurer Gary Moore outlined the Society’s finances in detail, even suggesting that many financial statements can be “as confusing as a waiter in a Glasgow curry house.” He provided a simplified synopsis of the financial statement, which was also distributed, and concluded that the Society’s finances are in overall good shape.

    Among other issues, Moore discussed several piping and drumming businesses that are delinquent in payment for advertising in the Piper & Drummer magazine, having a negative impact on cash-flow. Various measures were discussed for rectifying these problems.

    Motions carried

    Paraphrased, the following motions, passed previously by branches, were passed by the members in attendance.

  • The Open 50 and Over solo piping event will now be open to those 45 and over. The PPBSO’s Music Board also agreed to review the events and requirements for the category.
  • It was agreed that draws for band contests would be posted on the PPBSO’s Web site within eight days of the event and within 14 days of Champion Supreme contests.
  • After much discussion, the members agreed to pass a motion stating, “Massed-Band Drum-Majors. Drum-Majors responsible for massed-bands at PPBSO sanctioned games must be pre-qualified by the PPBSO.”
  • The organization will now determine and award a Best Pipe Section and a Best Bass Section at each band contest.
  • PPBSO membership dues must now be paid at least 72 hours before a member takes part in a solo competition, and members of bands must have their dues paid a minimum 14 days prior to the band competition.
  • It was also determined that solo tenor drumming competitions would be closely reviewed by the PPBSO’s Music Board so that requirements and systems for both Flourishing and Rhythm events would be formalized.
  • Numerous small amendments were made to existing rules, and several redundancies in the PPBSO rule book were cleaned up.

    After four hours, the meeting adjourned with most attendees looking forward to celebrating the Society’s year at its annual Highland Ball, where Champion Supreme winners perform and are feted.


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