June 30, 2008

PPBSO reduces 2008 Grade 1 medley requirement to own-choice

Following a formal request by two of Ontario’s four Grade 1 bands, the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario (PPBSO) has agreed to reduce the medley submission requirement from two to one for the two applicable contests in the organization’s 2008 outdoor season.

The organization originally determined that such a request to temporarily amend the rule would be accepted only if the four bands unanimously agreed.

Only two competitions, the Chatham Highland Games (a Champion Supreme event) and Georgetown Highland Games, called for a medley in Grade 1. The North American Championship at Maxville, Ontario, has been an own-choice medley event since the 1980s when the World Pipe Band Championships adopted the same approach.

After concern about Grade 1 band attendance at Chatham, the PPBSO’s Executive and unattached members of its Music Board determined that an exception would be made for the year, with the two contests calling for a medley lowering the submission requirement to one.

“I respect our rules, but feel it is equally important that we provide the games with a product that will encourage the public to attend,” said PPBSO President Bob Allen. “Otherwise, there might not be any games and then what good are our rules?”

The medley-submission requirement rule has been adjusted in the past in a similar fashion. Grade 1 bands discussed among themselves, sometimes on the day of individual contests, and attained unanimous consensus to bring the requirement to own-choice.


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