September 30, 2010

PPBSO to vote on new by-laws and organizational structure at special general meeting Sept. 25th

With an aim to create “a more defined, stable and streamlined governance approach,” according to President Charlie MacDonald, the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario will hold a special general meeting on Saturday, September 25th, at 1:30 pm at the Lion’s Club Hall, 42 Main Street South, Campbellville, Ontario, to decide whether to implement an overhaul the fundamental structure of the organization.

PPBSO members were sent mail notification approximately one week before the meeting, satisfying the requirement to provide such an alert of a general meeting. The organization had posted details of the meeting and accompanying information on its website since last spring.

There is apparently no stipulation for quorum at the PPBSO’s general meetings, essentially meaning that, even if only a handful of members attend, motions can be approved or rejected. MacDonald said, “I believe that special resolutions require confirmation of at least two-thirds of the votes cast. Our [legal] counsel will be in attendance to keep us well informed of legal protocols.”

Since the PPBSO’s founding in 1947, the organization’s original letters patent – the legal documents required for the creation of a corporation – have been legally changed three times, each revision accounting for alterations of the PPBSO’s structure.

Fundamental changes proposed include the replacement of the PPBSO’s “Executive” with a “Board of Directors.” The move would decrease the number of voting members from 25 to 14. Each of the organizations branches would have only an elected president and vice-president, with other roles determined by appointment of the branch officials.

The process to revamp the PPBSO’s by-laws began almost three years ago. The organization has worked with a law firm to draft the proposed new structure.

“Discussions started about three years ago, when Bob Allen, drawing on his many years as President observing the inefficiencies of the status quo, began promoting the transition to a streamlined governance structure,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald said that an objective, if the by-laws are passed at the meeting, is that quorum can be more easily reached at Board of Director meetings. “The smaller board size, with four directors being elected from at large, should allow for direct participation on the Executive, without precluding the option of also being active at the branch level.”

When asked what the consequences might be if the by-laws are not passed at the meeting, MacDonald said, “The expected consequences for the PPBSO are known. They would require continuing with the present governance structure, and its known inefficiencies, knowing that collectively we have missed the opportunity to move to a more stable, defined and streamlined governance structure.”




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