March 31, 2009

Paterson named Executive Director of PEI College of Piping

After a lengthy search and interview process, the College of Piping and Performing Arts of Summerside, Prince Edward, has appointed Mike Paterson as its new Executive Director. Paterson takes over the role, which became available after the untimely death of College founder, Scott MacAulay, in September 2008.
A native of New Zealand, Paterson is perhaps best known for his work with the National Piping Centre in Glasgow, where he helped to produce that organization’s Piping Today bi-monthly magazine. Although neither a piper nor a drummer, Paterson holds a doctorate in Scottish Studies from Glasgow University. He moved to Ontario in 2006 after marrying a Canadian.
Also said to have been considered for the College of Piping job were James MacHattie of Toronto and Fraser Clarke of the Canadian Forces, currently serving in Afghanistan.
“I’m just very keen to get down there and get a feel of what’s possible and what time scales are feasible,” Paterson said. “I’m determined to work hard for the College and the arts its remit embraces, and encourage the wider enjoyment of them. My desire is to resource the musicians and dancers to the best of my ability and effort. I’d hope to create an atmosphere where staff come to work because that’s the most exciting, fun place in the world to be that morning.”
Paterson did not say if he would continue to work on Piping Today, but did say, “I’m amazed at being able to move from one job that’s given me tremendous access to the international piping scene, tremendous personal pleasure and a lot of very good friendships into another where the horizons are every bit as alluring, the friendships can continue (and indeed deepen), and the opportunities are even greater.”

He indicated that he has a personal interest in developing other Celtic performing arts, in addition to Highland piping and drumming.




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