August 31, 2010

Pipe Idol tradition continues at Piping Live!

What first seemed like a fresh idea for piping is now one of the traditional events at Piping Live!, and there is no shortage of great competitors for this week-long contest. Four heats of four young pipers take to the National Piping Centre Street Café stage throughout the week, and one of four pipers goes through each day to the final on Friday.

Sponsored this year by Fred Morrison Reelpipes, the competition features each piper playing three sets: an MSR, a Hornpipe & Jig and an “own choice” selection that must begin with an air.

Tuesday’s Idol event featured Sara Muir from Inveraray & District, Liam Kernahan from Canterbury Caledonian of New Zealand, Chris MacDonald of ScottishPower and Blair Hodson from the Australia’s Pipeband Club.

First up was Sara Muir, who presented a lovely bagpipe, and a very musical overall selection. Liam Kernahan presented a refined bagpipe at the outset, and delivered a controlled and confident  performance. Next up was Chris MacDonald, who played very well on a biggish but well-tuned and blown pipe. Blair Hodson was last to play, and he also had some great moments on a bagpipe that seemed a little too big for him by the end.

The judges for this round of Pipe Idol came up with three different first-place finishes, which is a testament to the quality of the competition, and to the variety of opinion surrounding any performance of music. All these pipers had much to offer on the day, and it was an hour of very enjoyable piping for those packed into and around the Piping Centre Café.

At the end of the day, the piper with the highest rankings was Chris MacDonald of ScottishPower, and he will go through to the final on Friday.




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