January 31, 2009

SFU adds to Glasgow concert

The August “Pre-World’s Concert” in Glasgow by 2008 World Champions Simon Fraser University has been expanded, according to Pipe-Major Terry Lee, with the Celtic-rock group, Wolfstone, now confirmed as performing with the band.
Lee also said that former-members Stuart Liddell and Steven McWhirter will be featured at the concert, returning with the band for the night from their leadership roles with the Grade 2 Inveraray & District Pipe Band.
Tickets to SFU’s “Affirmation” concert have gone on sale and are available from the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall‘s box office.
Lee also said that Simon Fraser University’s roster numbers are strong, with 28 pipers, 11 snare-drummers, five tenor-drummers and a bass filling the ranks. He did not say how many he plans to take onto the contest field.


  1. Aw! I wanted to buy a ticket to hear pure unadulterated SFU for the entire time, with extra if possible!! I wonder if Wolfstone will play WITH the band, as opposed to playing when the band isn’t. I’ve never heard them and I’m sure they’re great, but anybody using up time which could be SFU’s isn’t good in my book!!!

  2. No need to worry – the program will contain at least two full hours of pure SFU. In addition, we will have Wolfstone, soloists and some interesting multimedia. SFU is also doing a concert in Vernon BC on July 10th.

  3. Surely one wouldn’t expect a Pipe Band to play for 4 hours. It’s hard enough to come up with and maintain 2 hours of material at World Class level never mind four. Besides, variety generally makes it more interesting.

  4. No I wouldn’t expect a whole band to play for four hours, but of course you could have duets, solos, ensembles, quartets, a piece with the band singing etc etc etc. It’s only because I love their music and the way they play it, I’d want as much of them as possible- and more!!!

  5. I’d already decided I’d be going to the concert because I also think SFU are fantastic concert band. However, knowing now that Wolfestone will also be there and that I get that for the same price – it just makes it even better.

  6. Duncan, I’m sure the concert will be a smash. Nice photos of you and the Mrs. elsewhere on PipesDrums. Will the Vernon, BC concert be the same as Glasgow? Cheers, Doc



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