October 31, 2008

Shepherd returns to take over Dysart

Ending weeks of rumours, the Grade 1 Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band officially appointed George Shepherd as its new pipe-major. Shepherd replaces Brian Lamond, who had led the band since 1999.
The band also appointed Lee Innes to the role of Lead-Drummer at its October 1st meeting, which was held at the Dundonald Institute, the band’s long-time practice facility, and was attended by present and past members. Innes replaces John Henderson in the post.
Shepherd was the Pipe-Major of the Clan Gregor Pipe Band, which under his direction rose to its current Grade 1 status. He departed Clan Gregor after the 2006 season.
Dysart & Dundonald has not competed or performed in public since the end of the 2007 season. George Shepherd becomes the third member of the Shepherd family to lead the band, after George Shepherd Sr. and Bob Shepherd, who led the band to two World Championships in 1977 and ’78.
According to George Shepherd Jr., Lamond is “taking a break from the pipe band scene.” Under Lamond’s direction, the band released the well reviewed CD, Terra Incognita, in 2006. It’s most successful year in competition with Lamond as pipe-major was 2002 when Dysart placed fifth at Cowal and sixth at both the British and Scottish championships.


  1. I’m totally bewildered by the fact that anyone would be interested in this article after the fiasco left at the door step of Clan Gregor to deal with only 3 seasons ago. Someone needs to stop this from happening a second time round. Undoubtedly it will if people actually sign up to this proposed outfit. Leopards never change there spots as they say! If this actually happens it’ll make interesting news but probably all for the wrong reasons.

  2. As a long term follower and supporter of this band I can assure you from what I’m told, that the committee and notable people involved with this band will ensure the professional running of the orginisation. What the band does not need is another pathetic attempt by a spineless anonymous poster like yourself to stir things up. Past reputations yes. As far as bringing Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band, a band synonymous with excellence in the late 70’s back to whre it should be I have no doubt he has the ability to do it. Here’s a guy who took what was essentially a Grade 2 outfit to 3 championship prizes in their first 2 seasons in Grade 1. Maybe you should put your hand up for the job and see what success you can bring, then again that involves naming yourself and we all know that won’t happen. Why don’t we talk about the Fife Police band and all the scandal surounding them for a change? There’s lots of it

  3. good luck to all involved.if its anything like clan gregor were it will be good.great to see this band out again.

  4. Good luck to George and Lee. I know GS has a bit of history but having met the guy, he seems a decent chap who is certainly talented. With regards the comment of Fife Police, I thought this thread was about Dysart, where did they comie in? As to lots of scandal, knowing a few of the guys quite well, the only issues I see is a misbehaving (ex Dysart) piper, who was immediately kicked out, and the joining of a drummer from another band (who was the original first choice for leading tip). Hardly ‘Scandal’. As I have heard it (from drummers I may add), no-one has been asked to leave the band.

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