December 31, 2007

Toronto Indoor back on in 2008

After a hiatus in 2007, the Toronto Indoors Games will take place again in 2008, according to Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario Toronto Branch President Gary Moore. The event will more than likely be on April 5th.

Moore said that there “will be a full slate of professional and amateur solos both piping and drumming as well as mini-bands,” and indicated that the competition will be held at Denison Armoury in Downsview, Ontario, in the north part of Toronto.

The Toronto Indoor was resurrected in 2006 after being inactive for more than a decade. The contest was well attended, but a lack of entries was cited as the cause for the cancellation of the 2007 contest.

For decades, the Toronto Indoor Games were considered one of the premier events on the North American Pipe Band calendar, with top-grade bands using the competition to debut new material for the following outdoor season.


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  1. OK. Call me crazy. But shouldn’t we be putting this Dusty Dora to bed? This Toronto Indoor Games? On one year, off the next. People don’t give a rat’s for this event (mums and aunties notwithstanding). Give it up. How about something new? Froderick

  2. The reason for the poor turnout is that people in Ontario haven’t finished band-hopping by April and nobody can finalize their roster until June !

  3. No this contest does not need to be put to bed. In fact its attitudes like this that have led to the decline of the Branches, Contests, and overall scene in Ontario. I am personally going to be encouraging everyone I know in Ontario to come out and support the Indoor games. This contest was once a staple on the scene and a great way to start the season. The BCPA annual gathering is a huge success. Why can that not happen here? I say to all PPBSO members, Ask not what Ontario can do for you, but what you can do for Ontario. Get out to your branch meetings. Encourage your band mates to do the same. Socialzie with your fellow pipers and drummers. That’s one of the greatest parts of being in a pipe band, the people. Persoanlly, I am looking forward to seeing lots of old friends at the Indoor this spring, and hopefully making some new ones.

  4. I’m definitely going too. I’ll take any chance to be actively performing through the lean winter/spring months – great headstart for the summer. Was at the Toronto Indoor two years ago, and would have gone last year too.

  5. This contest is as close to home as you can get and although I missed the last few I plan on attending this year. It has always been alot of fun although tuning can be challenge at times.

  6. I was going, had my room booked and everything. And then I read that James is going. Now I am not. Thanks James way to ruin another Toronto Indoors. Thats a joke………………haha. A bad one, but still a joke none the less Seriously, This event should be supported. I believe that the lack of Open drumming and only having the quartette for pipes may have driven some of the low attendance. The Games and the PPBSO have responded by bring back mini bands and Open drumming. Great way to work out some kinks while seeing friends in the Winter/Spring. Ryan



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